By Faith McDonnell | Katartismos Global | May 7, 2021

There’s not much good news coming from China. But the good news is that we can take a stand against the genocidal, imperialistic Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On April 15 the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC, of which I am a member) and Women’s Rights Without Frontiers (WRWF) sponsored an open letter to the U.S. Olympics Committee (USOC) based in Colorado Springs urging them to move the 2022 Winter Olympics out of China. Our letter, signed by 110 human rights activists, religious freedom advocates, and other leaders, was copied to U.S. government officials and to the corporate sponsors of the Olympics.

We open the letter reminding the USOC of another genocidal regime that once hosted the Olympics. “Adolf Hitler shamelessly exploited his role as host of the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to legitimate his regime, consolidate power and prepare to mount the Holocaust and launch World War II.”

The letter says that unlike what happened with Hitler’s Germany, “We are determined to prevent the Chinese Communist Party from being rewarded for its atrocities against millions of Uyghur Muslims and other captive nations of Tibet, East Turkestan, and Southern Mongolia.” Then the letter adds:

(The) Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is perpetrating a host of other, egregious crimes against humanity, including: religious persecution, forced abortion and sterilization, involuntary organ harvesting, forced labor, mass surveillance, detention of dissidents, unrivalled environmental predation, and the deliberate unleashing of the coronavirus pandemic on the world.

At a Captive Nations demonstration against the CCP at the U.S. Capitol, October 2020.
(Photo credit: Faith McDonnell)

If the USOC gives no indication that they will move the Olympics, the letter warns, the signatories will then join with those who are urging for a complete boycott of the Olympics. We realize how devastating this could be for athletes that have been training for years, but more devastating for them could be the results of going to China and submitting the authority of the Chinese Communist Party.

There was no response from the USOC. So on April 26 we sent a follow-up letter, signed by CPDC President Brian Kennedy and WRWF President Reggie Littlejohn. This letter advised the Committee that we would use “every available vehicle” including public protest, “to urge the American people, policymakers, athletes and sponsors to refuse to legitimate the Chinese perpetrators of deadly oppression of ethnic minorities including Uyghur Muslims, involuntary organ harvesting, industrial-scale forced abortions and sterilizations, toxic pollution and other monstrous crimes itemized in our previous letter.”

If you agree that the CCP should not be the host country for the 2022 Winter Olympics, you can add your name to this petition against the Genocide Games: Petition – Stop the Genocide Games

Why should you sign this petition? Because of all the reasons mentioned above and because your signature is important! The more individuals who sign the petition and pray for its success, the better. And let’s not forget that among the other “crimes against humanity” mentioned above is the persecution of Christians that has been a constant in China since the Communist Revolution.

Overt persecution, as opposed to harassment and oppressive policies, has ebbed and flowed over those years. In some eras unregistered house churches were persecuted and the registered Three Self Patriotic Churches were able to meet under government restrictions. Not too many years ago the persecution of churches seemed to moving into the hands of local authorities and not be a state-controlled agenda. There were glimmers of hope and optimism that restrictions were lifting. This was helped along by the courageous work of Chinese human rights attorneys fighting for their clients’ religious freedom.

But more recently Chinese human rights activists have warned that the repression and persecution has returned to Chairman Mao levels. They fear that now, with no principled stand against Chinese hegemony from the United States under the Biden Administration, the situation will deteriorate all the more.

The CCP hates the fact that Christians answer to God, not to Xi Jinping. We’re not asking the USOC and the corporations collaborating with the CCP to answer to God (although it would be nice). We just want them to show enough moral decency and concern for human rights to say no to the genocidal Chinese Communist Party.

Captive Nationsl people exposing some of the corporations that collaborate with the CCP
(Photo credit: Faith McDonnell)

Here’s another reason to sign the petition. You will be staking a claim for freedom that honors almost 400 Million people in China who have signed a declaration renouncing the Chinese Communist Party.

In 2004, another severely persecuted group in China, the Falun Gong, published an exposé of the deception and violence of the CCP in their international newspaper The Epoch TimesThe Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party feature such topics as “On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture” and “On the Chinese Communist Party’s History of Killing.” One topic even turns the tables on the CCP (which labels Falun Gong as an “evil cult”) and explains “On How the Chinese Communist Party is An Evil Cult.”

The reaction of the Chinese people to this information created an ongoing campaign called Tuidang (“Quit the Party”). This means that 1 out of every 4 Chinese people has publicly, courageously declared opposition to and renouncement of the Communist Party. If you sign the “Stop the Genocide Games” petition, take a moment to pray for those abandoning the Communist party in China, and for the Lord to pour His own love and grace into the empty place that remains.


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