Committee on the Present Danger: China

Our Mission:

The mission of the Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) is to help defend America through public education and advocacy against the full array of conventional and non-conventional dangers posed by the People’s Republic of China. As with the Soviet Union in the past, Communist China represents an existential and ideological threat to the United States and to the idea of freedom—one that requires a new American consensus regarding the policies and priorities required to defeat this threat. And for this purpose, it is necessary to bring to bear the collective skills, expertise and energies of a diverse group of experts on China, national security practitioners, human rights and religious freedom activists and others who have joined forces under the umbrella of the Committee on Present Danger: China.

Captive Nations Coalition

The Committee on the Present Danger: China is forming a coalition of organizations, leaders, and citizens of formerly free and independent countries now held captive by China and subject to China’s oppressive “One China” policy which has brutally stripped them of political and cultural autonomy. The coalition will reach those countries in the process of becoming captive to China through the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to warn them of China’s history of colonization through force and now, financial enslavement.